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Home & Auto Insurance

Bundle Policies for Better Coverage & Bennefits

Home and auto insurance can be expensive.  Each policy can have details and coverage elements that make keeping track of each policy and paying bills complicated and time-consuming.  Bundling your home and auto policies through one company can help simplify your life and save you money.  For these reasons and others, it is important to consider combining home and auto coverage.


Combining home and auto policies through a single company can send all of your bills to one place, ensure that you talk to only one agent, reduce paperwork, make updating and maintaining coverage easier, and save you money.  At Advantage One Insurance Agency, we provide bundling options that provide you with benefits, cost savings, and streamlined insurance experiences.


Our expert agents help you find bundling options that are ideal for your situation and needs.  These options can reduce premiums and deductibles, increase service periods, and even provide non-insurance purchasing advantages.  Our agents are also available to you when you need them, whether it’s online, over the phone, or in person.


We are a full-service agency and guarantee your complete coverage and protection, and provide unparalleled services.  

What do Bundled Policies do for you? 

Combining policies saves you money and often entitles you to discounts and benefits.  Home and auto policies are commonly bundled and the benefits of this bundling include auto premium discounts of between fifteen and twenty percent (depending on your state), single deductibles, lockout coverage, and airbag replacement.   For homes, these discounts include personal mortgage services, cash-back rewards, and home-improvement shopping discounts.


At Advantage One Insurance, your bundled policy gives you a guaranteed full-year policy term for your car, On Your Side® insurance protection, and 24-hour Customer and Claim service.  You also get better coverage and limit options.


Bundling home and auto policies is not difficult if you have the assistance of a specialist.  Talking with one of our expert agents can help you make the right combinations, save you the most money, and provide you with the best benefits.  Call one of our agents for help.

Why Advantage One Insurance Agency?

We have almost two decades of experience delivering optimal home and auto insurance solutions.  This experience helps us make policy combinations and process claims quickly and efficiently.  We also have extensive relationships with numerous insurance carriers, which help us maximize your coverage while keeping premiums low.


Our commitment to your financial wellbeing and general satisfaction is expressed in every service we provide.  We are readily available, respond promptly, and freely give you the information you need to make the best insurance decisions possible.  We make graciousness and efficiency fundamental elements of our performance, and each interaction you have with us reflects this.


If you are interested in learning more about combining home and auto policies or just have questions, please contact us today.


Advantage One Insurance Agency is proud to serve drivers and homeowners in St Cloud, Albany, Long Prairie, Sauk Centre, Pierz, Holdingford, and surrounding areas in Colorado.